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'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

'Click It or Ticket' campaign kicks off today

Monday kicked off the start of the national campaign urging drivers and passengers to buckle up.

Officials said they hope "Click It or Ticket" campaign reminds people that wearing a seat belt could mean the difference between life or death.

Many fatal accidents could have been avoided if people were wearing their seat belts. Last year officials said more than 360 fatal crash victims in Tennessee weren't wearing seat belts. So far this year, 128 fatal crash victims were unrestrained.

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

Report: Tobacco fields poisoning kids

by Anita Wadhwani, , The Tennessean

Kids can't buy tobacco products, but in Tennessee children as young as 9 are working in tobacco fields and suffering symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning, according to a report by an international human rights group.

Mission of Hope kicks off Blue Barrel Christmas Campaign

Mission of Hope kicks off Blue Barrel Christmas Campaign

In our own backyard, there are thousands of people hungry and cold tonight. Thankfully, the Mission of Hope works all year to help ease the burden for our neighbors in rural Appalachia, and Friday, you can help make Christmas bright for thousands of children in that region.

The 18th annual Mission of Hope Blue Barrel Christmas campaign kicks off.

Patients move into new Roane County hospital

Patients moved into the new state of the art hospital in Roane County Sunday.

The new $76 million dollar facility is in Midtown, which is just a few miles south from the old Roane Medical Center in Harriman.

10News got a sneak peak at the new hospital last week.  The new facility contains 54 beds, 15 emergency suits and more space for doctors, nurses and patients.  Each patient room also has sofas that turn into sleeper beds for loved ones. 

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Harriman mayor visits D.C. to fight for proposed VA hospital

Harriman Mayor Chris Mason is back from a trip to Washington, D.C.

He spoke with Veterans Affairs on Monday about a proposed veterans hospital in his community.

The idea has been on the table for about four years, but Mason has been pursuing it for about a year.

It was the first time the mayor spoke directly with Veterans Affairs.

Mason says Veterans Affairs could lease the Roane Medical Center building for $1 a year. The building will be available in February when Covenant Health relocates.

Flu vaccines available for uninsured children

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Children covered by TennCare and children without insurance that covers the flu vaccine can get vaccinated at county health department clinics for only a small administrative fee.

The Tennessee Health Department says children will not be turned away if parents cannot afford the fee.   The flu vaccine is especially important for people at high risk for serious illness or death from influenza, which includes young children.

Cancer survivor hands out scarves to chemotherapy patients

Cancer survivor hands out scarves to chemotherapy patients

An East Tennessee cancer survivor is on a mission to help fellow cancer patients feel sassy when they cover up their head with a hat or scarf.

Samantha Garcia has endured two rounds of breast cancer.

She says she hated the feeling of being stared at when she wore a scarf to cover up her head during cancer treatments.

Garcia wants to do away with that stigma, make scarves sassy, and just support other cancer patients.

So, she and her friend started a Facebook page and received more than three hundred scarves and hats from across the county.