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Problems viewing the new 10News graphics? Click here for help!

We want to tell you how much we appreciate your feedback on our new look here at 10News.

Since we launched the new graphics look earlier this week, we've heard both positive and negative responses, and we're listening to all of them.

For instance, we've made some of the fonts larger on our weather forecasts after hearing from you.

Another issue we're hearing a lot of is that some of the graphics are being "cut off" on either side of the screen.

If you have a 16x9 HDTV, that could be a problem with the aspect ratio of your television screen.  There are several options on every television, and if the wrong one is selected, you could be missing portions of the screen. 

The button that changes the aspect ratio can be called a number of different things, from P-mode, Format, Aspect, or Wide.  Click here for some other examples.

If you're not seeing all our graphics, check this first.

Another problem could be in the way you are receiving our signal from your cable or satellite provider.  We've already discovered that some local cable stations were sending the wrong kind of signal to local tv's, and we've been able to work with them to fix it.

For people with older, no HD televisions, you should be seeing our programming in a "letterbox."  That means there will be black space along the top and bottom of your screen.  The "letterbox" is to ensure you can see the entire picture, just like people with high-definition televisions.

You'll see the same thing on other channels, like Fox News, CNN, and ESPN.  If you're not seeing letterbox on an older tv, that could also indicate an issue with how your cable or satellite provider is passing along our signal.

If you're still having problems with graphics being cut off, email us at news@wbir.com or post on our Facebook page to let us know which provider you have.

Again, we very much appreciate your help as we continue to tweak our new look.


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