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U.S. Marshals arrest Houston brothers | News

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U.S. Marshals arrest Houston brothers

The Knox County Sheriff's Office reports Rocky and Leon Houston are in the Knox County Jail awaiting further action by U.S. Marshals.

They were booked into the jail early Saturday morning.

Late Friday night, officials had set a roadblock in Ten Mile, and an officer on the scene reported that a U.S. Attorney was present with authorities.

In 2006 the Houston brothers were charged but never convicted in a shootout that killed Roane County Deputy Bill Jones and his ride-along passenger, Mike Brown.

Prosecutors said the brothers killed the pair when Jones and Brown came to serve a warrant but they could not prove who shot first.

The brothers made headlines again in August 2012 when they posted crime scene photos of the deadly shooting in their front yard, including photos showing Jones and Brown.

On Saturday afternoon, one of Rocky and Leon's sisters told Channel 10 that no family members had heard from either since the arrest.

Family members say Friday's search warrant regarded the possibility that Rocky owned firearms.

In 2010, he was found guilty of reckless endagerment and evading arrest.

As a convicted felon, he is not allowed to own a gun.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives(ATF) is also involved.

ATF's declined to comment, only saying "this is an ongoing investigation."


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