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Rolling arcade is a party on wheels | News

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Rolling arcade is a party on wheels

A franchise with a party theme has rolled in to Knoxville.

On the outside it's a brightly colored trailer with a hint of what's happening inside.

It's called Rolling Video Games, an arcade on wheels, a mobile entertainment center.

"Not only can we do video games inside but we can also link it up so you can watch the same movie on all four TVs inside and they are 55-inch flat screen TVs," Rolling Video Games owner Michelle Bacon said.

She is no stranger to video games.

"I'm more of the classic Mario Brothers... so yes I am, I am. I remember Nintendo back in the day," she said.

The options inside are a lot more modern: Xbox, Wii, Playstation.

One day last week those games appeals to the students at Roane State Community College in Harriman.

Roane State student Kyle Jackson said, "I have an Xbox 360, Playstation 2 although it hardly works anymore, and I have a Playstation 3 and a Playstation Vita and so on."

The seasoned video game player gives it his stamp of approval.

That's just the reaction organizers were hoping for when Roane State booked Rolling Video Games for a four hour stop.

"Relax and not worry about school work too much and just have some fun with friends or just by yourself even," Kyle Jackson said.

It pulls up and parks anywhere you want it. The trailer is climate controlled with its own generator.

Since it debuted in October, Rolling Video Games has rolled up to a lot of places.

"We've done corporate parties like picnics. We've also done birthday parties. We also do carnivals or church festivals," Michelle Bacon said.

She said they have games rated E for everyone and also those rated M for mature audiences like Halo and Black Ops.

"You have a game coach, somebody whose an expert in making sure everybody knows how to use the equipment. And then also you have our game library and if you want to request a particular game just let us know and we'll make sure we have it on that particular day," she said.

On this particular day, students staked out seats inside to kick back, relax, and roll out some video games.

Prices start at about $200 with all kinds of packages available and discounts for weekday events.


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