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Mom, boyfriend charged with beating death of 5-year-old | News

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Mom, boyfriend charged with beating death of 5-year-old

(WBIR) A mother and her boyfriend are charged in the beating death of a 5-year-old boy.

A preliminary autopsy shows that 5-year-old Landon Robbins died of blunt force trauma.  Rhea County authorities were called to his mother's home on Cawood Road in Spring City on August 30 on a report of a child not breathing.  First responders were not able to resuscitate him.

Landon's mother, Jessica Robbins, 29, told officers that he had fallen off the swing set the day before, however, investigators say Landon's injuries were not consistent with that type of fall.

Robbins and her boyfriend, Bradley Adcox, 22, were charged in Landon's death.  Both are charged with First Degree Murder and
Aggravated Child Abuse. Robbins faces an additional charge of neglect.

Two other children in the home were removed by the Department of Children's Services.

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An East Tennessee man said no punishment is good enough for the people he claims beat his 5-year-old grandson to death late last week.

Rhea County detectives confirmed to our Chattanooga affiliate WRCB-TV that they found a 5-year-old boy dead in the county Friday.

Detectives said child abuse investigators worked the case. Authorities have yet to release an autopsy.

Family members of Landon Wells, 5, tell 10News he lived with a close female relative in Rhea County. Both Wells' father and grandfather blame his death on that relative and another person who had access to him.

"Landon, he was a really good boy, he was a really good kid," said Landon's father, Gerald.

10News has chosen not to report the names of the suspects until investigators confirm their connection. The Rhea County Sheriff's Department was unavailable to do so Monday.

But, the Rhea County Jail did say that two people with the same names as the ones identified by Landon Wells' family were taken into custody Sunday. Both people were charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect and did not receive bond.

According to Gerald Wells, one of those two people broke Landon's arm, nose and injured his head.

"I just hope they see what they done," he said. "I hope they open their eyes."

Jerry Wells, Landon Well's grandfather, said he saw the boy's body following his death. He said it was heavily bruised.

"Anybody that would take a poor, little, innocent 5-year-old boy and do the things they did to him, there's no forgiveness for that kind of people," Gerald Wells said.

Landon Wells family said it is planning a candlelight vigil in his memory. It will be held Friday, September 6 at Riverfront Park in Harriman. The event will start at 8 p.m.

The Wells family is also asking for donations to help pay for funeral expenses. They ask that willing donors contact Evans Mortuary in Rockwood.

No funeral arrangements have been announced.

Jerry Wells also said Landon had two sisters who lived with him at the time of his death in Rhea County.  He said they were taken by the Department of Children's Services after the incident.  Wells said they are now being cared for by one of his daughters.

10News will continue to follow this case as more details emerge.


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