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Roane County industrial park could welcome foster kids | News

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Roane County industrial park could welcome foster kids

(WBIR) It's a project that could give children in need a place to stay, but its location had certain people asking questions.

In early January, the Roane County Commission approved a proposal to rezone an unused building in an industrial park.

It was rezoned to be a foster care center.

Omni Vision Inc. worked with the county to rezone 503 Cardiff Valley Road.

The future of this old industrial building is now a foster care center.

"We kind of let our children get thrown away so if we have an opportunity to house them and train them better and make them responsible citizens, I think it is our responsibility to do such as that," said County Commissioner Stanley Moore.

But the idea of a foster care center in the middle of industry has caused concern for some workers around the area.

Some of their fears include how the rezoning will affect their business's property value.

"You have some adjacent property owners who really question if this is a good use. I think in the long run they will find out their property values will still stay high and they will not have any detriment because of this facility," said county executive Ron Woody.

Also, what happens if a child gets away from the center and finds their into a dangerous area?

Moore has faith this will not be a problem.

"I would worry about the children if they did get out, as was asked, but I am assured that there is security through Omni Vision," said Moore.

Roane County has the need to house these children... but also has the need to employ their residents.

Moore expects this new facility to add 80 to 100 more jobs to the area. Jobs that range in $20,000 to $40,000 a year.


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