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Teen with Down Syndrome grows CD collection with community | News

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Teen with Down Syndrome grows CD collection with community


A Roane County community is helping bring music back into one teen's life. Christopher Forrester is a 16-year-old with Down Syndrome, and he says listening to music is his life.

After losing his entire collection, his community began offering him donations.

"He had collected so many we bought for him; he would listen to him and stay in his room. And that's his life," said Sarah Brown, Forrester's mother.

He is 16 years-old and has Down Syndrome. His speech is limited, so he communicates through the songs he listens to.

"It helps him. Easing his mind and he just loves it."

He can look at a stack of CDs and spot some of his favorite artists within seconds.

In February, Forrester accidentally left his collection of 150 CDs on top of the car on the way to church.

Brown searched, but couldn't find them. She and her sister put a call out on social media. Forrester's new collection started growing.

Byran Galyon is a local karaoke DJ and saw Forrester's story online.

"It got to me because I know what it would feel like if I lost music. Music is my life," said Galyon.

He began collecting CDs at his karaoke gigs. Now Forrester has more than 600 CDs, 300 from Galyon's customers alone.

"I want him to have everything from Abba to Kentucky Headhunters. Definitely," said Galyon.

Now, Forrester can go through his collection knowing he will hear his favorites like "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus.

If you want to add to Forrester's collection, bring your CDs to Galyon on Thursday and Friday nights at Rancho Viejo Mexican Grill in Oak Ridge.


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