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Father speaks about his loss after a train hit his son, daughter | News

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Father speaks about his loss after a train hit his son, daughter

A Harriman father is remembering the life of his daughter for the first time since a crash took that daughter's life and hospitalized his son. Friday night, a train hit a car along Highway 27 in Harriman.

Four young people were in the car: Rod Drummond, Hunter Crass, Darius Gallaher and Jadah Gallaher. Jadah and Darius are Willie Gallaher's children.

The scene of the accident has since been cleaned up, but it's leaving a mark on Willie Gallaher. He lost his daughter.

"It was my baby girl. Jadah, she was born at UT through a situation where we didn't know if her mother was going to make it. But God brought us through that. We have seen a miracle through that," said Gallaher.

Jadah loved to talk, and share her thoughts with everyone. Willie said it was the way she could best express herself.

"We are so grateful to God that he gave us almost 19 beautiful years with her. You know, I am going to miss her smile, miss her touch, miss her kisses. Miss her voice," said Gallaher.

A big thing keeping Willie and his wife going is their faith.

"It's going to be hard. Faith does not negate the fact that you have to deal with life. It just helps you deal with life in a way that you know you're going to overcome," said Gallaher.

Currently a student and basketball player at Roane State. Her future was going to be at MTSU. Darius Gallaher, who was also injured in the crash, aspires to go their as well. And even though he has the sport in his heart, he has his eyes on the real prize.

"He always loved basketball, but I think he understood the really thing important is getting that degree. And he has always been like that. We have always teached our kids to be like that. You got to keep the main thing the main thing," said Gallaher.

James Burem is one of the hundreds of people to come visit the Gallahers since the crash. He grew up with both Willie and his wife.

"They know that we will all stand behind them, and give them all the support they will need. For these days and weeks to come," said Burem.

Even little reminders from Jadah after she's gone are helping Willie find support.

"Jadah's last little post on Instagram was thanking God for this day and asking God for everybody who reads that will be blessed. So as we were blessed on that day when she was born, We're blessed right now," said Gallaher.

He is still calling for everyone's prayers for both his son and for the Crass family. He has seen support from social media as well.

As of Tuesday morning, Crass and Darius Gallaher are listed in serious condition at UT Medical Center.


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