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Victim of fatal train crash recovers at home | News

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Victim of fatal train crash recovers at home


Two survivors of a tragic Roane County accident are out of the hospital. One victim is speaking about that fateful night.

On May 30th, a train struck a car with four people inside: Hunter Crass, Roderick Drummond, Darius Gallaher, and Jadah Gallaher. Only Hunter and Darius survived.

Hunter and Darius were recently released from the hospital. 10News spoke with Hunter and his father about the accident.

Hunter said the accident happened while they were on their way to dinner after working out. And even though he is healing, there is still a long road ahead.

"Just walking around the house is just giving me a struggle sometimes for me right now," said Hunter.

He was planning on going into the Air Force next year, and after serving he would go back to finish school.

Hunter is keeping positive and keeping the atmosphere light at home.

"I can't reach around. I can barely reach anything. They keep telling me I have little T-Rex arms around here just joking around," he said.

But as the wounds heal, the loss he saw on the night of the accident still hurts. That night he faced death and lost two of his close friends when a train struck their car.

"I have never even seen one down that way before. I don't remember hardly anything from that night or that day," said Hunter.

Hunter's dad, Neil Crass, has been by his side ever since the crash.

"One of the trauma doctors came in and spoke and said 'if you get out of here without any surgery, it would be just unbelievable.' And God blessed and moved and we are just so thankful they did," said Neil.

Now they are in the comfort of their own home.

"The hospital and the doctors and the nurses, they were great, but you know you can't beat being home in your own bed and with family," said Hunter.

Home with his family, but without a close friend, Jadah Gallaher.

"I know it's going to be hard losing Jadah. But I know she is in a good place and not hurting anymore and is up there having a good old time," said Hunter.

Hunter is optimistic about his recovery.

"There is a bigger purpose for me that I am here for. I just hope and pray I can figure out what that is and show it to everyone else. It's just a miracle that I am here," he said.

Gallaher's father says Darius is doing well. He is currently at a rehab facility and they are hoping he can also come home soon.

Darius is already getting back into one of his passions already too, basketball. He played a form of the game HORSE with his therapist.


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