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Students finish high school & community college at once | News

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Students finish high school & community college at once


A new program will allow some students to finish high school and their first two years of college at the same time.

Middle College is a collaboration between Roane State Community College and Roane County Schools.

Juniors in the program will finish high school and get their associates degree.

"It's just a great opportunity for me to get ahead of other people my age, and kind of advance an extra two years. It's exciting to be able to do that," said Oliver Springs student Brandon Buck.

"It's going to be awesome to walk to the college stage at my graduation and the high school one. It's going to mean a lot to me," said Harriman student Madison Duncan.

Students in the program toured Roane State's campus on Wednesday.

During their two years, they'll complete 60-hours of college credit, or four full semesters. That's more courses than most students can typically take through dual enrollment.

Roane State says students will have a lot of opportunities after graduation.

"These are eager, bright students who are going to come into class everyday and see how much they can learn, how hard they can be pushed so when they leave here in a couple of years, again with their associates and their high school diploma, they're going to be well set to enter either the career of their choice or for many of them they will transfer on then to a 4-year institution," said Dr. Chris Whaley, Roane State's President.

During the first year, students will take the same general education courses that all college students have to take -- like English, math and science.

During the second year, students can take different classes based on their major.

33 students are in the inaugural class.

  • 12 - Harriman High
  • 7 - Midway High
  • 2 - Oliver Springs High
  • 9 - Roane County High
  • 2 - Rockwood High
  • 1 - Homeschool


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