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DA: Officers justified in shooting armed burglary suspect | News

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DA: Officers justified in shooting armed burglary suspect


An investigation has concluded that the shooting of an armed burglary suspect in Harriman Tuesday was justified.

Officers shot and killed Miranda Michelle Guy, 28, in her home on Fairchild Street.

According to a joint press release from District Attorney General Russell Johnson, the Roane County Sheriff's Office, and the Harriman Police Department, Guy pointed a handgun at the officers and was advancing on one of them when they opened fire.

The preliminary autopsy showed that Guy was hit multiple times in her right arm, which was holding the gun, and her front torso.

What led to the shooting


We also learned more Wednesday about the events that led to the fatal shooting.

A Harriman Police Department (HPD) officer was speaking to witnesses of a burglary at a storage building in South Harriman. As they were talking, a white pickup truck drove by that the witnesses identified as the alleged thief. The release said the officer could see items in the bed of the truck that matched the description of some of the stolen items.

The officer ordered the truck to stop, but the driver, who was identified as Guy, sped up and drove away. The officer started a pursuit, which was joined by a HPD investigator and two Roane County Sheriff's Department officers.

The four officers followed Guy to her house, where they saw her run inside. The officers split up, two went to the back of the house while the other two followed Guy through the front door.

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Harriman investigator Lt. Dan Schneider entered the house first and confronted Guy in the kitchen and her roommate, Melissa Grove, in the family room. Grove got down on the floor, and both the officer and Grove said that Guy pointed the gun at her own head and pulled the trigger. It clicked but didn't go off, and Lt. Schneider ordered her to drop the gun.

At that point, the release said that Roane County deputy Chris White came in the front door, and Guy pointed the gun in his direction, Both officers said they ordered Guy to drop the gun several times, but she instead began to walk towards Deputy White with the gun raised. That's when both officers fired their guns at Guy until she dropped to the floor and released the gun.

Crews took Guy to Roane County Medical Center in Harriman where she was pronounced dead.

Officers cleared

The release said that Guy's roommate confirmed what both officers involved in the shooting said happened in the house.

Lt. Schneider, 57, has been in law enforcement for 28 years. Deputy White, 43, has been working in law enforcement for 15 years.

After reviewing all of the evidence, including that gathered by the TBI, which assisted in the investigation, DAG Johnson cleared the two officers of any wrong-doing. In the release, he said, "The two officers were confronted with deadly force (a fleeing felony suspect with a criminal history pointing a loaded gun who at the time was being pursued from an active crime scene), so they responded accordingly."

He has cleared both officers to return to duty after they meet the protocols required by their department. Sheriff Jack Stockton and Chief Randy Heidle said the officers involved would remain on paid leave for a few more days.

Criminal History

Officials said Guy had a criminal history, which included assault, vandalism, probation violations, and other charges. In the past arrests, the press release noted that Guy had threatened to harm to officers in the past.

A neighbor also told investigators after the shooting that Guy had threatened to shoot him the night before.

Guy's father, Paul Edwards, said his daughter suffered from a neurological disease that damages muscles and bones. Her sister-in-law said she walked with a limp.

10News also spoke with Guy's mother, who asked to remain unidentified. She said she's hiring an attorney.

"She didn't deserve to die. Yes, she wasn't perfect, but to open fire on her, in her own house, firing at least 10 times at her, that wasn't necessary," she said. "She was a good person and I'm still looking for a good lawyer."


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