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7 facing charges, 2 kids removed from home after meth bust

Seven people are facing meth charges in Roane County.

Last Thursday deputies followed up on a tip that meth was being made in a Rockwood apartment on Wheeler Street.

Inside, authorities smelled a strong chemical odor associated with meth labs. They also found numerous items used to manufacture meth.

Christopher Lee Powers, Christopher Ryan Jenkins, Samuel Brock Johnson, Randella Lachelle Coffey, Ashley Crabtree, Tiffany Johnson, and Nancy Johnson are all facing charges.

Police determine man shot, killed son in self-defense

Roane County authorities have determined a shooting in Oliver Springs was self-defense.

According to a report from the Roane County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call on Old Harriman Highway on Sunday afternoon.

District Attorney General Russell Johnson says Vince Brown was defending himself when he shot and killed his 36-year-old son Michael.

Officials say Michael drove a car through the garage door. His brother confronted him in the garage, but Michael went upstairs to confront his father. That's when Vince shot his son.

Single vehicle crash in Campbell County kills Kingsport woman

One woman is dead after her vehicle skidded off I-75 in Campbell County near mile marker 157 shortly before 1:45 p.m. Sunday.

Tennessee Highway Patrol said Elizabeth Elsevier, 42, of Kingsport was killed in that single vehicle crash. Her Toyota 4-Runner was traveling southbound when it hydroplaned, veered off the roadway and struck a guardrail.

U.S. Marshals arrest Houston brothers

The Knox County Sheriff's Office reports Rocky and Leon Houston are in the Knox County Jail awaiting further action by U.S. Marshals.

They were booked into the jail early Saturday morning.

Late Friday night, officials had set a roadblock in Ten Mile, and an officer on the scene reported that a U.S. Attorney was present with authorities.

In 2006 the Houston brothers were charged but never convicted in a shootout that killed Roane County Deputy Bill Jones and his ride-along passenger, Mike Brown.

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Man charged with sending inappropriate texts to teenage girl

A Harriman man is facing charges, accused of sending inappropriate texts to a teenage girl.

34-year-old Benjamin Miller is charged with especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. According to a police report, he sent texts to the girl on two separate occasions, asking her to send him pictures of himself in the shower.

The girl and her family contacted police, and they arrested Miller.

Police: Kingston dad punched son over what to drink with dinner

A Kingston man is facing charges, accused of hitting his six-year-old son in the face in a fit of anger.

Brent Litton is charged with child abuse and failure to comply with bond conditions.

The incident happened on December 30th.  A family member told officers that Litton became visibly angry with his son when the boy told him he wanted to drink water with dinner instead of juice or Coke, because he was sick.  The witness said Litton hit the child in the face, giving him a bloody nose and mouth.